noun [ U ]
uk /stəˈbɪl.ə.ti/ us /stəˈbɪl.ə.t̬i/
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C1 a situation in which something is not likely to move or change:

a period of political stability

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  • Greater international stability can surely only be to the good.
  • A loving family environment gives children that sense of stability and permanence which they need.
  • This has been a period of relative economic stability.
  • We all need some stability in our lives.
  • Our country has enjoyed a long period of peace and stability.

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Keeping and staying the same

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"stability" en inglés americano

the state of being firmly fixed or not likely to move or change:

economic and political stability
I’m worried about his mental stability.

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"stability" en inglés de negocios

stability noun [ U ]
ukCompilation Sexy Zak Anna Anna Zak Ow80knP /stəˈbɪləti/ us

ECONOMICS, POLITICS a situation in which something such as an economy, company, or system can continue in a regular and successful way without unexpected changes:

There are fears over the stability of the banking system.
economic/political/financial stability
bring/provide/restore stability Large pay awards for executives have been ruled out as the CEO struggles to restore stability at the troubled group.
boost/promote/build stability Compilation Sexy Zak Anna Anna Zak Ow80knP It is the role of the regulator to promote market confidence and stability.

Compilation Sexy Zak Anna Anna Zak Ow80knP ECONOMICS, FINANCE a situation in which prices or rates do not change much:

price/currency/rate stability Some Americans favour a return to a gold standard to ensure price stability.

See also

job stability

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Ejemplos de “stability”

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If hemodynamic stability can be achieved, sinus rhythm returns in the vast majority of patients spontaneously within a few days after surgery.
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De Cambridge English Corpus
The stability result (i) says that the evolution of the capital intensity is uniquely determined by the random fixed point.
De Cambridge English Corpus
There is considerable variation in the degrees of multipartism, party discipline, and the stability of party systems and government coalitions.
De Cambridge English Corpus
The target stability was studied using the optical backlighting technique.
The effect of this has been to emphasize the structural stability and the degree of systematicity that existed even in early forms of these languages.
De Cambridge English Corpus
Because my research started out by locating sufficient conditions for stability in heterogeneous capital goods models, and that problem still fascinates me to this day.
De Cambridge English Corpus
Thus, it leads to the discontinuity of the control torque and affects the stability of the system.
De Cambridge English Corpus
In other words, this analysis does not negate previous findings that opinion change and attitude stability vary by political sophistication.
De Cambridge English Corpus
The reliability and stability of verbal working memory measures.
De Cambridge English Corpus
As the proposed algorithm uses terrain information which is obtained in real time, the turnover stability index is changed each time.
De Cambridge English Corpus
Nevertheless, stability was not the same thing as peace, as we shall see.
De Cambridge English Corpus
The pathways through which mammalian cells maintain telomere stability are beginning to come into focus.
De Cambridge English Corpus
A precise analysis of the stability of the degenerate zero solution would also be of interest.
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We have factored the monodromy matrix for the eight, showing precisely how the dynamics of the first twelfth of the orbit determine its linear stability.
De Cambridge English Corpus
The relative influence of speed adaptation and changing directions on the stability behavior of the homogeneous steady state solution was discussed.
De Cambridge English Corpus

Colocaciones con “stability”

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added stability
These uprights rest on solid foundation blocks inside of which they are anchored, for added stability.
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De Cambridge English Corpus
core stability
The core stability constraint and the fairness constraints (determining lower and upper bounds on welfare) single out the optimal consumption plan.
De Cambridge English Corpus
degree of stability
In addition, these groups sent many requests to delay the withdrawal of troops until a greater degree of stability had been restored.
De Cambridge English Corpus

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